When your Car needs a Nap

An integrated solution for the parking-problem providing inside-out solution. Be it navigating to your destined parking space, booking your favorite spot according to your suitable slot, or just a rain-check for traffic and parking availability in real-time, the solution is here. Undoubtedly, when your car needs a nap: Napkar!

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This trouble that has been inflicted upon everyone in the metropolitan cities

Wastage of Fuel

Wastage of Fuel

Delhi wastes about 40,000 liters of fuel in traffic jams per day, out of which 30% is wasted for the looking for parking.

Wastage of Time

Wastage of Time

Approximately 20 minutes, or even more on weekends/public holidays are wasted looking for a suitable/vacant parking.

Cancellation of Plans

Cancellation of Plans

50% of the plans are cancelled just because of the hassle due to parking in congested markets and areas.


Jams, Frustration and Congestion

The road congestions, hassles, and even road rages are a common sight just to acquire a spot for your car to nap.

Unorganized Places

Unorganized Places

There is plenty of unused space, or is not used anymore, which can be turned into a parkings and the user can reach out easily.

Parking Mafia

Parking Mafia

Parking mafia surely is fooling with the customers and the spaces they acquire cause a lot of trouble to market/shop owners, thereby adding up in the traffic.

Success is not delivering a feature; it is learning how to solve the customer’s problem.

Eric Ries, The Lean Startup

What we do

  • Want to see the parking spots near you or where you’re headed? Napkar!
  • Reserve your favorite spot over Napkar; navigate to the spot using our comprehensive and detailed GPS navigation.
  • Plan ahead of time with Napkar and reduce stress.
  • Find the best solution for yourself. Is it lowest charges? Or nearest to you?
  • Embedded intelligence: gives you parking/navigation solutions according to your plans.
  • Our platform provides real-time eagle-eye updates about parking to users, parking admins and city admins
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  • Save Time Save time
  • Save Fuel Save Fuel
  • Advance Booking Advance booking
  • Availablity Real time availability
  • Navigation Smart system and detailed navigation
  • Guidance Indoor and floor wise guidance enabled
Napkar Features
  • No Hassle No hassle
  • Cashless Absolutely cashless
  • Offers Exciting offers
  • Freedom to Park Freedom to park
  • Subscription Plan Choose subscription plan suiting you
  • All Parkings All parkings


We are a bunch of middle class guys who have been roasted in the heat, participated in road rage, and have been late for the movie shows but somewhere sometime we all met for somehow and decided to use our skills and do what we got to do, and here we are with Napkar! The ultimate and integrated parking solution...when your car needs a nap.
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